Getting Triggy With It

MATH Teachers, Mr. Z discovered Math Teachers that RAP.  The Blog Post by Mr. Z. encourages his students to extend their learning.
WSHS Math Teachers plan, organize, and produce Music Videos featuring enthusiastic students participating throughout the videos.  The content is directed towards high school students/courses. However, many concepts are introduced in middle school.

Their videos are highly motivating for kids plus add (did you notice my attempt to include Math?) in the cool factor.
Visit the WSHS Math Teachers You Tube Channel by clicking here!  

Their video titles are:
Getting Triggy With It
All I Do Is Solve
Super Base
Teach Me How to Factor
Do the Quad Solve

If you use their videos in a lesson leave a comment on this post and let us know how it went.

This is my personal favorite! Enjoy 🙂

Educational Rock Star

Blogging and bloggers enhance our understanding and allow us to hone our craft as educators. Today, I met one of my educational heroes, Chris Lehmann. Ok, I didn’t quite meet him as much as he walked by me close enough to snap a photo. Chris Lehman is the founding principal of Philadelphia’s Science Leadership Academy. Please visit his blog, Practical Theory. It is one of the best educational blogs on the web.

Keeping YouTube Safe

Please view the video below to filter content when viewing videos on Youtube.
The directions are simple:
On any YouTube page scroll down and click “Safety Mode:OFF,” click “ON,” then “Save.”
How to Opt in to Safety Mode:


SAFESHARE TV is another option. To use simply copy the url of a YouTube video and paste it into